Indoor Play

Indoor play areas should be exciting, challenging worlds that combine enticing environments with games that deliver entertaining experiences – above all they need to provide a compelling reason to leave the house.

Our custom designs can be used to completely transform and fit into any desired venue space. Utilising the expertise of our technical partners, we work closely with clients to develop an amazing experience. Our tailored designs are aimed at to not only develop an incredible experience for your clients, but to also increase visitor footfall and annual revenue.

All our indoor play environments are completely bespoke, DIP L & A will provide a full design, build and installation service which best suits your venue.

Outdoor Play

We offer a comprehensive range of outdoor playground equipment. Our talented team will help you make the most of your outdoor space and transform it into and fun and enjoyable destination. We are happy to assist you through the whole process from planning to drawings, assembly and maintenance of playground equipment, park furniture, outdoor gyms and floating docks.


DIP L & A offers a full range of services that go far beyond your standard feasibility study. Our services range right from inception through to planning, design, financial appraisal, project delivery and post implementation.

The advice, recommendations and solutions we offer are tailored specially to the requirements of your business. Even for those working with tight budgets, we are only too aware that there needs to be a different way of doing things. Together we can turn initiatives into viable and sustainable visitor attraction businesses.

For further information on how we can help you and your business please contact us today.


Providing a diverse range of facilities keeps more people engaged in regular physical activity. Our Sports and Fitness offering is designed to make exercise fun. We offer a range of outdoor gym stations, sports equipment and outdoor arenas. The products are inviting, user-friendly and offer everyone the opportunity to exercise in a unique outdoor environment.


According to Dr Samson Babatunde, lecturer at the Department of Human Kinetics and Health Education, University of Lagos, lack of exercise has an adverse effect on the academic performance of young pupils and students. That’s why here at DIP L & A we are big advocates of balanced and active play.

Research has shown that children learn essential cognitive, social and emotional skills through play. Let us assist your community to design and construct a playground to help improve education and the wellbeing of children as well as enabling kids and families to play more.

Got a big project in the works? DIP is interested in partnering with schools, NGOs and charitable foundations to create bespoke playgrounds for special projects. Let us assist with the design, resources and fundraise for your project. Maybe you are a large corporate organisation and want to show your customers that you have a big heart, you can support one of our playground initiatives as part of your CSR.


DIP L & A designs, builds and operates leisure and attraction concepts throughout Africa. We are your one-stop destination for all things related to leisure and entertainment.

Attraction concepts should not be an afterthought and factored in at the point of conception of the designs. We take incredible brands and products to create amazing attraction concepts that will add value, revenue and increase footfall to a venue.

All of our clients benefit from a full turnkey solution consisting of design, layout and installation. We would love the opportunity to discuss any questions that you may have regarding our product range or how we can work with you so please do not hesitate to get in touch.